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Forestry's Future:
People, Products, and Technology 2015

Forest Connections Conference
Joint MSAF and MFA, 2015

Changing Forests in a New Climate:
What Might A Forest Manager Do?

Michigan Biomaterials Initiative
Role of Education, Research, & Technology
Water Quality & BMPs - 2012 Forest Parcelization in Michigan: Implications & Challenges - 2012
The Conference With No Title - 2011 Battling Exotic Invasive Species in the Forest - 2011; Joint conference with the Michigan Association of Consulting Foresters

Forest Management & Recreation
Joint conference with MSAF and WSAF - 2010

Considerations & Innovations for Managing Michigan's Lowland Forests - 2010
Today's Forests - Tomorrow's Markets - 2009; Joint conference with MSAF and CIF Managing Oak in the Northern Forest - 2009
The Northern Hardwood Resource: Where We've Come From and Where We're Heading - 2008
Forestry in the 21st Century: Does it have a Future? - 2008
Flyer & Agenda     Bill Botti's Summary in Verse!    

Woody Biomass Use
Emerging Technologies - 2007

Forest Management in Riparian Areas - 2007    
The Future of Michigan's Forests - 2005
Proactive Management in a Changing Forest Environment
Joint Meeting with the Ontario Professional Foresters Association - 2004

Managing Hard Mast Forest Species in Michigan - 2004
-Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges         (flyer)

Dead River Flooding in Marquette County - 2003

Invasive Species - 2003  (flyer)

Forest Regeneration - 2003

Public Land Management - 2002   (flyer)
Linking Foresters/Forests - Cutting-edge Techology - 2002 (flyer)

Forest Health - 2001

"Gentle Logging" Demo - 2001


Lowland Conifer Management - 1998

1998 SAF Convention Summary



Red Pine Management - 1997


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