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Forests for Fish - Part 1

30-31 March 2017, Marquette, Ramada Inn
7.5 Category 1 CFE credits
1.5 Category 2 CFE credits for the hatchery tour

Conference Program & Speaker Biographies

Thanks to the sponsors of this conference!

Michigan DNR
Michigan Tree Farm Program
Association of Consulting Foresters
Michigan Association of Timbermen
Michigan Trout Unlimited
The Forestland Group
Prentiss & Carlisle
SFI Implementation Committee
Holli Forest Products
Northern Hardwoods
Michigan Trails & Recreation Alliance of Land the Environment


30 March

 Conference Schedule

 Conference Welcome
  Tara Bal, MSAF Upper Peninsula Chair

 Wood, Water, and Wildlife:  Connecting the Dots
- Jim Dexter, DNR Fisheries Chief
      Powerpoint PDF (1.6 mb)

 River and Fish dyunamics Relative to Sedimentation and Stream Resortation
     - Casey Huckins, Michigan Technological University

 Coldwater Production Zones in Landscapes:  Knowing About Trout Waters and Buffer Widths
     - George Madison, DNR Fisheries
      Powerpoint PDF (4.3 mb)

 Forest Hydrology and Stream Crossings
     - Mark Fedora, U.S. Forest Service
      Powerpoint PDF (7.1 mb)


 An Overview of Verso-Escanaba and Water Quality
     - Bill Racine, Verso Corporation
      Powerpoint PDF (2.1

 Promoting Community Participation in Watershed Reforestation
     - Lizzy Montgomery, MTU Graduate Student
      Powerpoint PDF (1.4 mb)

 Forestry Road Building Exemptions and the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Programs
     - Pat Riley, Weyerhaeuser
     - Mitch Koetje, DEQ
      Powerpoint PDF (8.4 mb)

 Food Web and Ecosystem Connections Between Forests and Streams
     - Amy Marcarelli, MTU
      Powerpoint PDF (3.8 mb)

 Adapting Forested Watersheds to Climate Change
   - Maria Janowiak, US Forest Service Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
      Powerpoint PDF (1.9 mb)


 The Effectiveness of Michigan Streamside Management Zones for Temperature Control
   - Brian Sugden, Weyerhaeuser
     PowerPoint PDF (2.8 mb)


 Forests for Fish Program
- Mike Smalligan, DNR
      Powerpoint PDF (0.9 mb)



31 March

 Conference Schedule

 Monitoring Culturally Significant Trout Streams
     - Andrew Kozich, Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College
      Powerpoint PDF (1.2 mb)

 Logging Bridges and Salmon Habitat
     - Jason Richardson, Weyerhaeuser
      Powerpoint PDF (9.3 mb)

 BMP Statewide Audit
     - Laura Heier, Steigerwaldt Land Services
      Powerpoint PDF (1.6 mb)

  NRCS Stream Habitat Management
     - Misa Cady, NRCS
      Powerpoint PDF (2.6 mb)

  Trout Unlimited:  Healthy Forests - Healthy Fish
     - Bryan Burroughs, Trout Unlimited
      Powerpoint PDF (1.0 mb)
  Marquette Fish Hatchery Tour
     - Ed Baker, Research Station Manager
     - Jim Aho, DNR Hatchery Bio
Bryce Kucharek , DNR Fisheries Technician



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