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Forestry's Future:  People, Products, and Technology

9-10 April, Marquette Ramada Inn
9 Category 1 CFE credits

Conference Brochure
Conference Program

9 April

 Conference Schedule

 Conference Welcome
, Overview of the Day
- Andy Van Dyke, MSAF U.P. Chapter Chair

 GIS in Forestry
- Peter Eredics, ESRI
      Powerpoint PDF (3.8 mb)

 Discovering Resources from a Thriving Forestry GIS Community
   - Mark Books, Colorado State University
   - Elizabeth Martinez, The Forestland Group

     PowerPoint PDF
(0.5 mb)

 Technologies in Smatphones and Tablets
- Donn Downey, Forest Metrix

 Managing Forest Data
   -Zach Parisa, SilviaTerra  
     PowerPoint PDF (14.6 mb)

 GPS Application Case Studies
   - Mark Milligan, F4 Technologies
     PowerPoint PDF (3.4



 Michigan Biomaterials Initiative Update
   - Mark Rudnicki, Michigan Technological University
     PowerPoint PDF (7.2 mb)

 Applications of Forest Technologies in the Field
   - Brandon Bal, American Forest Management
     PowerPoint PDF (4.6 mb)

 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Forestry
   - Kamlakant Tripathi, Michigan Technological University
   - Isabella Mariotto,
Michigan Technological University

 Using Remote Sensing for Forest Management and Restoration: A Case Study
   - Yvette Dickinson, Michigan Technological University
     PowerPoint PDF (12.9 mb)

 GIS Solutions
   - Terry Porter, ForesTech
     PowerPoint PDF (
4.4 mb)

 Panel Discussion
   - Mark Books, ESRI Forestry Group
   - Peter Eredics, ESRI
   - Terry Porter, ForesTech
   - Mark Milligan, F4 Tech

10 April

 Conference Schedule
 Forest Products Industry Presentations

  Michigan Logger Capacity Study
   - Karen Potter-Witter, Michigan State University
     PowerPoint PDF (1.7 mb)

  Verso Corporation
    - Gordy Mouw
    PowerPoint PDF
(1.1 mb)
  Biogenic Reagents
    - Jim Mennell

    PowerPoint PDF (1.5 mb)
   - Jim Charlier
PowerPoint PDF (2.3 mb)

  Panel Discussion:  Future of Forest Industry - People and Products
   - Charlie Becker, Michigan Forest Products Council
   - Jake Hayrynen, J.M. Longyear
   - Jim Charlier, Ponsse



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