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Growing the Forests of Tomorrow

21-22 October, 2003
Gaylord Best Western

A Conference aimed at assessing the status of tomorrow’s forests, regeneration techniques, natural and artificial and the social, wildlife and economic impacts of regeneration regimes.

The Michigan SAF Fall Meeting had indoor sessions the first day, and a field tour the second day.

Day One

The following presentations were made . . .

Introduction by Frank Sapio, delivered by Dave Neumann
Trends in Forest Regeneration by Earl Leatherberry, USFS FIA data
Regeneration and State Lands by Don Kuhr, Michigan DNR
Regeneration on the Huron-Manistee by Matt Sands, USFS
Regeneration on Industry Lands by Bob Aschbacher, MeadWestvaco
Sampling Techniques by Roger Mech, Michigan DNR
Sampling Techniques by Joe Gates, Huron-Manistee
Oak Regeneration on PNIF lands by Mike Zuidema, retired Michigan DNR
Research Efforts by Mike Walters, MSU Forestry Department
Focusing Regeneration Efforts on the Right Communities by Craig Albright, Michigan DNR
Forestry Herbicides by Jack Siefert, Purdue University
Direct Seeding Techniques by Keith Martell, Michigan NRCS State Forester

Day Two

White Pine Underplanting on State Land by Quent McNichols
Underburning to Encourage Oak Regeneration on State Land by Jim Bielecki
Direct Seeding of Jack Pine on State Land by Don Hennig
Containerized Red Pine Seedlings by Jerry Lambert
Strip Cutting of Jack Pine and Natural Regeneration by Randy Marzolo


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