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People In the Forest
17-18 March 2016, Houghton
8.0 Category 1 CFE credits

Conference Program

 Conference Schedule - Thursday

   - Terry Sharik, Michigan Technological University

 Conference Overview:  Communication Importance
   - Tara Bal, U.P. Chapter Chair, Michigan Technological University

  Future of Forestry and the Forestry Profession
   - Matt Menashes, SAF CEO
PowerPoint PDF (10.5 mb)

  Interviewing Skills and Resume Critiques for Forestry Professionals
   - Susan George, Weyerhaeuser
  Communicating Your Message to the Media's Readers, Listeners, and Viewers
   - John Pepin, Michigan DNR
PowerPoint PDF (0.5 mb)

  How to Talk About Climate Change
   - Maria Janowiak, USDA Forest Service, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
     PowerPoint PDF (0.9 mb)

  Michigan Forest Products Council
   - Scott Robbins, MFPC

      Michigan Registered Forester Update
      U.P. and L.P. Chapter Meetings
      State Society Meeting

  Communications - A Perspective from Landowners and the Forestry Community
   - Tom Hittle, Steigerwaldt Land Services
     PowerPoint PDF (3.9 mb)

  Importance of Public Involvement in Managing Our National Forests
   - Marlanea French-Pombier, Ottawa National Forest
     PowerPoint PDF (1.1 mb)

  Information and Management Goals of Family Forest Owners in the Upper Peninsula
   - Audrey Mayer, Michigan Technological University
     PowerPoint (0.6 mb)
  Heading-off Forest Management Conflict:  Lessons from the Field of Environmental Communication
   - Jim Cantrill, Northern Michigan University
     PowerPoint PDF (1.1 mb)
  Stories of the Deer Wintering Complexes
   - J.R. Richardson, Michigan Natural Resources Commission
  Social Hour, Banquet, and Raffle
   Magnuson Inn, Houghton

 Conference Schedule - Friday

  Introduction and National Convention Highlights for 2016 (in Madison, Wisconsin)
   - Julie Peltier, Wisconsin DNR
     SAF National Convention
  Communication:  Always About Self and Other
   - Willie Melton, Michigan Technological University
  Getting Your Message Out:  Working with the Press
   - Scott Zerbel, TV 6
     PowerPoint PDF (0.4 mb)
  De-escalating Conflict and Recognizing Threats
   - David Miller, Michigan Conservation Officer
  SFI and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
   - Gordy Mouw, Verso Corporation
     PowerPoint PDF (6
.5 mb)
  Panel - Presentations and Discussion: Certifications and Other Options
   - Tree Farm and SFI   Scott Robbins, Michigan Forest Products Council   PowerPoint PDF (1.5 mb)
- Tree Farm and DNR   Mike Smalligan, Michigan DNR   PowerPoint PDF (1.3 mb)
- Forest Stewardship Council   Tina Hall, The Nature Conservancy   PowerPoint PDF (1.5 mb)
- Forestry Assistance Program and Qualified Forest Program   Steve Shine, Michigan DARD   Website
- SFI, PEFC   Gordy Mouw, Verso Corporation



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