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The Birds and the Bees
Strategies for Managing Multiple Resources

6-7 October 2016, Gaylord, TreeTops
10 Category 1 CFE credits

Conference Brochure & Program & Speaker Biographies

Thanks to the sponsors of this conference!
DNR Forest Resources Division
Ruffed Grouse Society
American Woodcock Society


6 October

 Conference Schedule


 Conference Welcome
  Tricia St. Pierre, MSAF Lower Peninsula Chair

 21st Century Forest Management:  Balancing Complex Expectations
- Gary Roloff, MSU Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
      Powerpoint PDF (4.0 mb)

 Strategies for Managing Your Land for Wild Turkeys
   - Ryan Boyer, National Wild Turkey Federation
     PowerPoint PDF (2.8 mb)

 Grouse Basics and Forestry Practices
- Bruce Wojcik, Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society
     PowerPoint PDF (8.4mb)

 Habitat Goals for a Sustainable Pheasant Population and the MPRI Design
   - Mike Parker, MDNR Wildlife Division
     PowerPoint PDF (10.0 mb)

 Effects of Deer Browsing on Bird Habitat Following Forest Management Practices
   - Patrick Rusz, Michigan Wildlife Conservancy
     PowerPoint PDF (3.5

 Context Matters: How Forest Management Impacts Biodiversity at Multiple Spatial Scales
   - Andy Crosby,
MSU Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
     PowerPoint PDF (1.9 mb)

 Deer Management, Forest Management, and Cooperatives
   - Anne Mitterling, Michigan United Conservation Clubs
     PowerPoint PDF (6.0 mb)

 Climate Change Adaptation and Ruffed Grouse Management in Northern Michigan
   - Joseph Lautenbach, Saute Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians
     PowerPoint PDF (2.1 mb)

 Terrestrial Invasive Species
   - Sue Tangora, MDNR Forestry
     PowerPoint PDF (3.0 mb)
 Climate Change Predictions for Aspen; The Bird Atlas
   - Maria Janowiak, US Forest Service Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
     PowerPoint PDF (5.2 mb)
 Aspen Monitoring Project
   - Scott Jones, MDNR Forestry
     PowerPoint PDF (1.4 mb)


7 October

 Conference Schedule

 Maintaining and Promoting Compositional and Structural Diversity in the Lake States for Forest Resilience
   - Yvette Dickinson, MTU School of Forestry & Environmental Science
     PowerPoint PDF (1.5 mb)

 Species Vulnerability to Climate Change
   - Chris Hoving, MDNR Wildlife
     PowerPoint PDF (
1.0 mb)
 What Is Going On With Pollinators and What Can We Do to Help?
   - Meghan Milbrath, MSU Entomology, Michigan Pollinator Initiative
     PowerPint PDF (
8.0 mb)

  Habitat for Pollinators:  Current Efforts in Conservation and Restoration
   - Logan Rowe, MSU Entomology
     PowerPoint PDF (3.4 mb)

     "Conserving Pollinators in North American Forests:  A Review".  2016.  Hanula, Ulyshen, and Horn.

  Integrating Disturbance Ecology Patterns into Forest Management in Northern Michigan
    - Greg Corace, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Seney National Wildlife Refuge
    PowerPoint PDF
(8.7 mb)
  Structural Retention in Michigan Clearcuts:  Do the Birds Care?
    - Gary Roloff, MSU Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
    PowerPoint PDF (2.4 mb)



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