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2012. Michigan's Forests: Our Growing Resource. Flyer about forest descriptors using forest inventory data and other information sources.

2008.  Prentiss & Carlisle.  Michigan Timber Market Analysis,  Final Report. Prepared for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through funding from the Michigan Forest Finance Authority.  133 pp.

2007. S.Ruddell, R.Sampson, M.Smith, R.Griffen, J.Cathcart, J.Hagen, D.Sosland, J.Godbee, J.Heissenbuttel, S.Lovett, J.Helms, W.Price, and R.Simpson. The Role for Sustainably Managed Forests in Climate Change Mitigation. Journal of Forestry. Posted with the permission of S.Ruddell.

  Forest Owner Assistance
  Passing Land to the Next Generation
  Timber Sales-Doing It Right - Hire a Professional Forester
  Guidelines Prepared by the Michigan SAF
  Upper Peninsula Tree Identification Website
  Publications from MSUE Extension Library in the U.P.
  Publications from MSU Forestry Department
  Michigan Forest Health Information
  Forestry Careers - A Day In the Life of a Forester
  Michigan Wood Energy        
  Wood Energy Curriculum
  Woody Biomass and Emerging Technologies
  History of Public Forests-National Forests
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  History of Forestry Education in Michigan
  History of Forestry Schools in Upper Michigan
  Michigan Forests Forever Project
  Forestry & Natural Resources Links
  Links Relevant to Educators
  Forest & Forestry Profiles by Michigan Legislative District
  Essay by Jim Bowyer on the Importance & Value of Forest Products
  Essay by State Forester Don Smith on the Future of Forestry
  Essay by W.C. Lowdermilk "Conquest of the Land Through 7000 Years"
  Essay by Patrick Moore on the "Green Spirit"


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