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Michigan SAF Email list
If you would like to receive 5-10 messages each month about SAF and forestry news, send an email note to
Bill Cook and let him know which peninsula you live in.  There are two lists.  Also, the national office distributes weekly updates about Washington D.C. forest / natural resources policy.  

2017 Bylaws Revision
During the MSAF Spring Conference, there was a vote on our bylaws revision. There were some notable structural changes, as well as language to keep the Michigan SAF bylaws consistent with updates to the National bylaws.  Should you have any comments, please contact Georgia Peterson, who spearheaded this revision effort.

Revision (PDF document)
Changes (Excel spreadsheet)


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This website is maintained by Bill Cook, Michigan State University Extension Forester in the Upper Peninsula.  Comments, questions, and suggestions are gratefully accepted. 

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