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Michigan Biomaterials Initiative

3-4 October 2013
Great Wolf Lodge, Traverse City
10 Category 1 CFE credits

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Conference Agenda

Conference Guide

This conference was sponsored through generous donations from Michigan Technological University, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Forestland Group LLC, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Plum Creek, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Michigan State University, Timber Products Company, Longyear, GreenStone Farm Credit Services, Michigan Forest Products Council, Michigan SAF, Michigan Association of Timbermen, Michigan Forest Association, Bob & Nancy Ross, Grand Valley State University, Sagola Hardwoods Ltd., Wolverine Power Coopoerative

Conference Schedule - 3 October

   Welcome and Conference Overview


   Terry Sharik, Dean
    School of Forest Resources
    and the Environment
    Michigan Technological University

    Program Coordinator

    PowerPoint (3.1 mb)


   Bernie Hubbard, Chair
    Michigan Society
    of American Foresters

    Facilities Coordinator


  Introductory Remarks

Keith Creagh, Director
Michigan Department of
Natural Resources
Bill Bobier
Senior Policy Analyst
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Shawn Hagan
Senior Director Forest Operations
Forestland Group


  Delegation from Maine

  Stephen Shaler, Associate Director
  Advanced Structures & Composite Center
  Forest Bioproducts Research Institute

  Director and Professor of Wood Science
  School of Forest Resources, University of Maine

  PowerPoint (0.9 mb)

  Doug Denico
  Maine State Forester
  Director of Maine Forest Service
  Department of Agriculture & Forestry

  PowerPoint (1.0 mb)

  John McNulty, President
  Seven Islands Land Company, Maine

  Maine Map (0.7 mb)

  James St. Pierre
  Old Town Fuel & Fiber
   Old Town, Maine

  PowerPoint (1.2 mb)

  Mike Bilodeau, Associate Director
  Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative
  Director, Pulp & Paper Development Center,
  Chemical & Biological Engineering Department
  Forest Bioproducts Research Institute
  University of Maine

  PowerPoint (1.5 mb)



  Delegation from Oregon

 Laurence Schimleck, Professor
  Renewable Materials, Wood Science,
  and Engineering
  College of Forestry,
   Oregon State University

  PowerPoint (3.8 mb)

  Kaichang Li, Professor
  Renewable Materials, Wood Science,   andEngineering
  College of Forestry,
   Oregon State University

  PowerPoint (XX mb)

  Linc Cannon, Director
  Forest Resources & Taxation
  Oregon Forest Industries Council

  PowerPoint (1.4 mb)



  Delegation from North Carolina

  Steve Kelley, Professor
  Department Head Forest Biomaterials
  North Carolina State University

  PowerPoint (3.8 mb)

  Richard Mullen
  Research Scientist, Domtar

  PowerPoint (1.4 mb)

  Richard Lemaster, Research Professor
  Director Wood Machining & Tooling Research Program
  North Carolina State University

  PowerPoint (0.6 mb)



  Delegation from Virginia

  Bob Smith
  Department Head, Sustainable Materials
  Professor & Associate Dean, College of
  Natural Resources & Environment
  Virginia Tech

  PowerPoint (3.6 mb)

  Scott Rennecker, Associate Professor
  Department of Sustainable Materials
  College of Natural Resources & Environment
  Virginia Tech


  Dave Nutter, Faculty
  Office of Ecnomic Development
  Virginia Tech

  PowerPoint (2.3 mb)

  Charlie Becker
  Utilization & Marketing Manager
  Virginia Department of Forestry

  PowerPoint (1.2 mb)


  Dinner and Keynote Speaker
     Evaluating Forest Biomaterials with Environmental
     Life Cycle Assessment

        -Dave Shonnard, Robbins Professor
          Department of Chemical Engineering
          Director, Sustainable Futures Institute
          Michigan Technological University


         PowerPoint (1.8 mb)




Conference Schedule - 4 October
 Breakout Sessions
 Reports from Breakouts
 Strategies & Assignment for Moving Forward


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