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Forests for Fish - Part 2

5-6 October 2017, Grayling, Ramada Inn
9.0 Category 1 CFE credits

Conference Program

Thanks to the sponsors of this conference!

Michigan DNR
Michigan Tree Farm Program
Association of Consulting Foresters
Michigan Association of Timbermen
Michigan Trout Unlimited
Michigan Forest Association


5 October

 Conference Schedule

 Welcome and What Is "Forest for Fish?
     -Mike Smalligan, Michigan DNR Forestry
       Powerpoint PDF (
2.5 mb)

 Forest Hydrology:  How Forests Provide Water
     -Rich Corner, Huron-Manistee National Forest
      Powerpoint PDF (2.9 mb)

 BMPs:  How Forests Provide Clean Water
     -Bethany Matousek, Michigan DEQ
      Powerpoint PDF
(0.3 mb)

 BMP Update
     -David Price, Michigan DNR Forestry

 Great Forests Make Great Lakes
     - Josh Leisen, Huron Pines
      Powerpoint PDF (1.8

 Introduction to Michigan's Fishery
     -Scott Whitcomb, Michigan DNR Forestry
      Powerpoint PDF (1.8 mb)

 Great Forests make Great Lakes
     - Jon Allan, DEQ Great Lakes

 Introduction to Michigan's Fishery
- Jim Dexter, DNR Fisheries Chief
      Powerpoint PDF (1.0 mb)

 Stream Ecology:  Forests Feed Fish
     -Jeremy Geist, Trout Unlimited
      Powerpoint PDF (2.3 mb)

 Managaing Fish Habitat on Land and Waters
    -Jessica Mistak , Michigan DNR Fisheries
      Powerpoint PDF (4.4 mb)


 Forests Unlimited:  Fish Need Forests
   -Bryan Burroughs, Trout Unlimited
     PowerPoint PDF (3.0 mb)


 Conservation Practices for Riparian Forests
-Garry Lee, USDA NRCS
      Powerpoint PDF (2.4 mb)


 Marketing Clean Water in Michigan's Forests
-Deb Begalle, Michigan DNR Forestry
      Powerpoint PDF (3.2 mb)


6 October

 Conference Schedule

 Au Sable Riparian Management - Consumers Energy
     - Raymond Gurley, Consumers Energy
      Powerpoint PDF (0.7 mb)

 Au Sable Riparian Management - DNR
     -Susan Thiel, Michigan DNR Forestry
      Powerpoint PDF (5.0 mb)

   Au Sable Riparian Management - U.S. Forest Service
     -Leslie Auriemmo, Huron-Manistee National Forest
      Powerpoint PDF (1.9 mb)



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