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Forestry Schools in Upper Michigan;
Then and Now . . .
By Louis J. Verme

Reproduced with permission from Lou Verme, November 2007



A circa 1915 Wyman School of the Woods forestry student went for summer (tent) camp loaded down with required gear, even a double-bitted ax and pistol. (Mazzali family)


Table of Contents


Preface and Introduction

Wyman School of the Woods

University of Michigan

Michigan State University

Michigan Technological University


Many persons graciously provided invaluable archival material presented in this report.
I especially thank John Bassett, Lee James, Ray Miller, Putnam Robbins, Gene Hesterberg, Helmuth Steinhilb, John Franzen, and the Mazzali family for their assistance in this endeavor.

I dedicate this essay to Putnam Robbins,
my former forestry professor
at Michigan State, now long retired.

All rights reserved by the author.

Turn-of-the-century lumberjacks felled old-growth timber with crude tools, often forged in camp. Today's loggers use specially engineered equipment to harvest timber.


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