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Selling Timber? Want More Money? Want the Job Done Your Way?
Contact a Professional Forester First.

Call Before You Cut!



Finding A Professional Forester

When A Forester Assists A Private Landowner With A Timber Harvest

Getting the Most Return From Your Timber Sale

Why Sell Timber?

Determining Which Trees to Cut


When a professional
forester assists a private
forest landowner with a
timber sale:


The landowner makes more money while often cutting fewer trees.
More trees are usually left for future harvests.
The harvest will contribute to achieving the landowner's objectives.
The forest, soil, water, wildlife, & other resources are protected & enhanced.
Any negative visual impact of the harvest is minimized.



Below is the link to the You Tube "channel" which hosts the three videos for forest landowners produced by Karen Potter-Witter's research/extension group and Great Lakes Digital Productions.

Department of Forestry - Michigan State University

Forestry: From Fear to Facts.
Forestry: Maximizing your return on investment.
Forestry: Investing In & Profiting From Sustainable Forestry




These documents were adapted from material produced by Randall B. Heiligmann, Thomas Berger, Lee Crocker, Mark Ervin, and John Dorka for the Ohio Society of American Foresters. The Michigan SAF is the 400-member state society of the national Society of American Foresters ( SAF is the professional and scientific organization of foresters. Its mission is to advance the science, education, and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; and to ensure the continued health and use of forest resources to meet present and future demands from society. The national organization oversees a credentialing program, Certified Foresters, which recognizes those members who have engaged in regular, ongoing professional development in order for them to be current and up-to-date in the practice of forestry.


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