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Links to Woody Biomass Utilizations and Emerging Technologies

Using woody biomass through innovation technologies has numerous advantages (e.g. Michigan has lots of it, reduction of fossil fuel use, rural economic development, etc.). This page is not intended to make a case or support any particular technology.   It is meant simply to serve as a warehouse of information.  Of course, please let us know about URLs that should be added.  Most of these URLs lead to numerous other websites and a considerable amount of information. There are two tables; 1) MSU Extension Bulletins & Summit Products, and 2) links to additional information.

Two key background sources of wood, forests, management, and carbon are:
1. Journal of Forestry Supplement in 2011
2. Jim Bowyer's "Managing Forests for Carbon Mitigation"

An allied resource can be found in a wood energy curriculum for high school students (and others).

Number Bulletin Title for MSU Extension Woody Biomass Bulletins   Wood Energy Summit
17 February 2010, Houghton Lake
Bulletin Case Study - Pinecrest Health Care Facility Agenda
E3085 Energy Use In Michigan PowerPoint - Bill Cook - Overview
E3086 What Is Woody Biomass? PowerPoint - Gary Melow - Electricity Utilities
E3087 Why Might Wood Be A Good Energy Feedstock? PowerPoint - Tom Stanton - Michigan Public Service Commission
E3088 Where Does Michigan's Wood Supply Grow? PowerPoint - Steve Pueppke - University Research & Service
E3089 Wood-based Energy Technologies   PowerPoint - Dennis Pennington - MSU Extension Bioenergy Team
E3090 Emerging Technologies In Wood Energy List Analysis - Word format
E3091 Environmental Risks of Woody Biomass Harvesting Ideas Matrix - spreadsheet
E3092 What Is District Energy and How Does It Work? Turning Point Exercise Summary
E3093 What Is A "CHP" Plant?   
E3094 So, You Want to Build a Pellet Mill?
E3095 So, You Want to Establish An Energy Plantation? 



Resource Sponsor/Group Description
AgBioResearch Michigan State University,  formerly the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station A series of centers across the state, and numerous research programs, some of which deal with wood-based energy and wood energy plantations  
BCAP USDA Farm Service Agency Biomass Crop Assistance Program - provide dollars to help supply feedstocks, program evolves
BERC Biomass Energy Resource Center Lots of good information, reports, etc.
Bio-oil, New Hampshire New Hampshire Industrial Research Center Report (pdf) "Technical, Environmental, and Economic Feasibility of Bio-Oil in New Hampshire's North Country
BMPs for Biomass Harvest Minnesota DNR Newly constructed in 2007. Based on multiple-disciplinary research. Forest land and brush land.
BMPs for Biomass Harvest Wisconsin Newly constructed in 2009. Based on multiple-disciplinary research.
BMPs for Biomass Harvest Mcihigan Newly constructed in 2010. Based on multiple-disciplinary research.
BURN-UP UP RC&D and Partners Biomass Utilization & Restoration Network in the U.P. No longer active but has a good information repository
Cellulosic Ethanol Renewable Fuels Association One of many explanations of various "bio" terms
Combined Heat & Power US DOE Midwest Clean Energy Application Center Promotes CHP, district energy, and waste heat recovery
CORRIM Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials Reseach, life cycle analyses, etc. about the values and place of wood products
Definitions Wikipedia This on-line encyclopedia has good explanations for a number of "bio-x" terms (biofuel, biogas, pyrolysis, renewable energy, syngas)
Demo Projects Many . . .and growing     Flambeau River, Lyonsdale Biomass, Mascoma, Vaxjo Sweden, . . .
District Energy International District Energy Association A non-profit looking to promote district energy
Dovetail Partners, Inc. Consultancy A specialized group of consultants with several emphases, one of which is woody biomass utilization. Jim Bowyer, et al. authored a 2005 analysis entitled; "Bio-Energy: Momentum is Buidling for Large Scale Development"   
EIA U.S. Energy Energy Information Administration Loaded with charts, graphs, analyses, and data regarding energy use
Flash Pyrolysis Biomass Technology Group  (Netherlands) Explanation of flash pyrolysis . . . and other techologies.
Forest Bioenergy Multiple sponsors An information-sharing website for natural resource folks and others. News, events, links, presentations, publications, images, glossary, and slide show & training tools. The "links" are especially helpful.
Forest Biomass Innovation Center Part of Michigan's AgBioResearch program,
formerly the U.P. Tree Improvement Center
Research programs for short-rotation wood energy plantations of hybrid poplar and willow, among other research efforts
Frontier Renewable Resources Industry - Mascoma & Longyear Build one of world's first cellulosic ethanol plants at Kinross (EUP)
Fuels for Schools USDA Forest Service and many others

To promote and encourage the use of wood biomass as a renewabale, natural resource to provide a clean, readily available energy source suitable fo use in heating systems in public and private buildings. To facilitate the removal of hazardous fuels from our forests by assisting in the deveopment of vialbe commercial uses of removed material.

Gasifiers & Gasification Bionergy Lists

This site contains topics and information discussed on the Gasification email list to help develop gasfiication systems for biomass fuels.

Great Lakes Biomass
State-Regional Partnership
Governors' Council, U.S. Dept. of Energy MI, WI, MN, IN, OH, IL, IA. Partnerhips in the greater "biomass" arena, with stated interests that include "wood." Grants, demos, technology transfer, management & support. Michigan contacts are Jan Patrick (Consumer & Industry Services) and Dulcey Simpkins (SVSU & MI Biomass Energy Program).
Harvest Guidelines Michigan DNRE and Others "Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance", 18 pages.
Heating the Midwest Many organizatins MN, WI, MI effort to encourage development of wood energy, especially district enregy
Industries Many . . . and growing Advanced Biorefinery, Bioengineering Resources, Celunol, Diversa, GenencorIogen, Laurentian Energy (pdf slides), Range Fuels, SunOpta, . . .
MBI International Private incubator group in Lansing State programs are largely agricultural-based but tone of website language suggests potential interested in woody biomass based technologies.
Michigan Boiler Study SE Michigan RC&D Report and appendices that reviewed retro-fit opporunities for wood energy across Michigan
Michigan Forest Biofuels Research MSU and MTU research Outputs from two major wood energy research programs; 1) Center of Energy Excellence Feedstock Supply Chain and 2) Forestry Biofuel Statewide Collaboration Center
Michigan Forest Biomass Information System Michigan Technological University and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation    A searchable forest biomass inventory tool  
National Renewable Energy Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy    Lots of resources, background info, and on-going research. Good technology transfer section. One of the better available sources of information.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy     Good slide show about the National Bioenergy Center and Biomass R&D Review. 37 slides. Cover NREL, biomass, and solar. By Dr. Michael Pacheco from a May 2004 conference.
Pellet Plants Pellet Fuels Institute   A non-profit working to promote fuel pellet technology.
Wood Pellet Association of Canada is a related resource.
Pinchot Institute for Conservation Private NGO Source of forest conservation reports and information, some pertaining to wood energy & carbon
Portable Pyrolysis Units Advanced BioRefinery, Inc. Several products, but two in particular are portable units designed to produce value-added material from wood products and logging residues.
Renewable Energy Portfolios Resource on the USDOE - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Map links states to portfolios, other information available on this website
Torrefaction MEC MEC is a Canadian company that uses torrefaction for non-energy purposes. However, the process of heat applied to wood in an oxygen-free environment has intriguing potential for pellet manufacturing and energy production, especially in combination with coal-fired plants.
U.S. Biomass Power Association Power Plant - Utility Association    Trade association to promote the use of biomass power
U.S. DOE Biomass Program U.S. Department of Energy Largely agricultural but has a woody biomass element. Feedstocks, sugar, thermochemical, R&D, biorefineries. Info library.
Wood-to-Wheels Michigan Technological University
Sustainable Futures Institute
A graduate enterprise to use wood/biomass for transportation fuels (ethanol, biodiesel, etc.).
Woody Biomass Coalition A consortium of groups through the National Woodland Owners Association Information source, position statements     
Others? Others? More?


Some additional resources that may or may not be linked to woody biomass utilization but provide contextual information.


Resource Description
Biodiesel Magazine

Trade organization. Lots of information about technologies, new plants, existing plants, investment, and much more.  Plant list.

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Trade Organization.  A good resource for the many aspects of this growing industry, including those associated with woody biomass innovations.
Canadian Renewable Fuels Assn. Mostly agricultural based - ethanol & biodiesel.  News, events, and more
Canmet Energy Technology Centre Canadian Natural Resources - wide variety of available and developing technologies for buildings, processes, power. Calendar. Publications.
Centrec / MSU Study Preparing for the Future of Michigan's Bioeconomy Recommendations for the Office of Biobased Technologies   Mostly agrculture.
E85 Near You How to find gas stations that sell ethanol.
IEA Bioenergy More resources with a global frame of reference. Many member countries, including the USA. Tasks, R&D, events, media, workshops, library, many links, etc. Nice paper on biomass pyrolysis. "IEA" = International Energy Agency. .
Governments in Action BusinessWeek report on government actions around the world.
Michigan Biomass Energy Program Dept. Labor & Economic Growth. Information, events, publications, programs (anaerobic digestion, biodiesel, energy crops, ethanol).
Michigan Department of Management and Budget Alternative fuels information.
Michigan Labor & Economic Growth Site with several resource links. Not much on wood biomass.
Michigan Renewables Energy Program Michigan Public Service Commission. Mostly non-woody energy alternatives. Useful context information. Link to Michigan Biomass Energy Program.
Michigan Renewable Fuels Commission Biodiesel and corn ethanol. Link to Michigan legislation. 25 members.
MSU Biomass Conversion Research Laboratory Focused primarily on ethanol and biodiesel from agricultural products and wastes. Publications tab has many downloadable research papers.
NextEnergy (at Wayne State) A non-profit engaged in alternative fuel research and industrial development. Not engaged with woody biomass issues.
Renewable Energy Access News service for the renewable energy field. From the Renewable Fuels Association.   
Transportation Fuels Report WorldWatch Institute. A frequentely referred-to publication (pdf file). Includes summary files.
U.S. DOE Biofuels Program Integrated with other DOE bio programs. This one emphasizes transportation fuels such as corn ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, etc.
U.S. DOE Energy Information Administration Bank of information and statistics - petroleum, natural gas, electricity, coal, nuclear, renewables, alternatives, international, forecasts & analyses, historical overviews, households & buildings, environment.
Others? More?





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