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Anyone is welcome to submit articles, photos, ideas, or suggestions! All materials for publication should be submitted to: Tori Irving at or 906-341-8463.
The editor needs news "gleaners" for submissions and suggestions.

Electronic material is preferred.

85 Winter 2017 (PDF)
Spring Conference Recap
MACF Awarded (again)
New MSU Undergraduate Minor
MSUE Shadows Collection
MFA and Tree Farm Joint Meeting
DNR Marketing Campaign
DNR Testimony Supporting Good Neighbor Authority
DNR Prescribed Burning
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
Membership Pins
Budgets & Report

84 Winter 2017 (PDF)
Oak Wilt
Wildlife and Timber
Timber Sale Income Taxes
History:  War and Forests
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
Membership Pins
Budgets & Report

83 Summer 2016 (PDF)
What Goes into a State Conference?
DNR and Forest Service Cooperate on the Good Neighbor Authority
Oak Restoration Workshop in Southwest Michigan
Wheels to Woods Project
Heating the Midwest Conference
MDARD FAP Forester Map
New Voluntary Registered Forester Program Update
Little Bit of History
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
Membership Pins
Budgets & Reports

82 Fall/Winter 2015/2016 (PDF)
Words from the Chair
Book Review - Sixth Extinction
2015 Year in Review
Statewide Wood Energy Team
HRD in Michigan
Michigan Forestry Hall of Fame
Conservation District Concerns
Gogebic County GEMS
Good Forest Management Restores Popular Pathway
Why Arent' Foresters Following Arbogast's Guidelines?
MSAF Forest Stewardship Award
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
Membership Pins
Budgets & Reports

81 Summer 2015 (PDF)
Spring Conference Recap
Short History - Tree Farm
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
Membership News
Statewide Wood Energy Team
DNR Summer Interns
Prentiss & Carlisle
A Bit of History
Auto Tour Update
Membership Pins

80 Winter 2015 (PDF)
Thanks for Fall 2014 conference
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
DNR Demo Harvest
Fire and Wildlife
Gogebic Community College 2-year program
U of M's "Michigan Forester"
2015 Membership Pins
2014 Budget Reports
60th Anniversary - Ford Center
Michigan Biomaterials Initiative update
MTU Student Chapter update

79 Winter 2014 (PDF)
Charlie Becker 2013 Forester of the Year
2013 Awards
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
DNR Forestry Accomplishments
Upcoming Events
Lake States Fire Science Consortium
MSPS Lawsuit
SAF Election Results
Julie Crick, new MSU Extension Forester

Membership Pins
MIchigan Education Fund Budget
2013 State Society Budget Report
Michigan Forestry Assistance Program
Fire Management Position Statement

78 Fall 2013 (PDF)
50 years Jerry Rose
50 year Dan Bulmer

Revised White-tailed Deer Position Statement
New Fellows: Ernie Houghton and Don Howlett

Summer Event at the Ford Forestry Center
Sapstreak of Maple Disease
Events Calendar
Membership Pins from 2012
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
MIchigan Education Fund Budget
State Society Budget

77 April 2013 (PDF)
Forest Industry Summit
Spruce Grouse on the Baraga Plains
Decay Resistance & Canada Yew

Message from the Chair
Events Calendar
Membership Pins from 2012
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars
MIchigan Education Fund Budget
State Society Budget

76 January 2013 (PDF)
No More Replacement Refs (student quiz bowl)
Fall Conference Recap
Robert S. Manthey Obituary
Chair's Corner
State Initiative-Private Forestland Owners
Policy Information
Forester Safety & Logging Operations
Upcoming Events
2012 Membership Pin Recipients
Education Fund Report
Budget Status Report
Michigan Consulting Forester Stars

75 August 2012 (PDF)
Future editions will be digital only
Governor Appoints Timber Advisory Council
New MSU Graduate Certificate Progrm
Chair's Corner
2013 Forestry Conclave at MSU
U.P. Auto Tour
Finding Practical Responses to Climate Change
Membership Pins
Budget Report
Consultant Stars

74 April 2012 (PDF)
Lake States Fire Consortium
Dickinson County Natural Resources Group
Membership News
Chair's Corner
Michigan ACF
Green Fire Project
SAF District V Council Report
MSU Forestry Club News
Now Trending: Michigan's Forests
Membership Pins
Deer Management Input Opportunity
Budget Report
Consultant Stars

73 July 2011 (PDF)
Forestry billboard
Fall Conference heads-up
LP Chapter field day
U.N. International Year of the Forest
Chair's Corner (Joyce Angel-Ling)
MSU Forestry Department update
MSAF Congressional field tour report
Lou Verme obituary
Budget Report
Consultant Stars

72 March 2011 (PDF)
Upcoming Spring Conference in St. Ignace
Chair's Corner (Joyce Angel-Ling)
Membership Summary
Review of Fall Conference
Budget Report
Consultant Stars

71 October 2010 (PDF)
Mike Moore, 50 Year SAF Member
LP Chapter Event
Chair Report
MTU Learning Tree
Fall Conference Agenda
Budget Report
Consultant 'Stars'

70 June 2010 (PDF file only)
Warren Heikkala Event
MSU Forestry Department Update
LP Chapter Event
Chair Report
Certified Foresters
Book Review-The Big Burn
National Office Building Program
Forest Tent Caterpillar Update
Budget Report

69 February 2010 (PDF file only)
Proposal to End Undergraduate Program at MSU
Award Nominations Needed
Spirng Conference Upcoming
2009 Young Forester of the Year
Chair Report
LP & UP Chapter News
Membership Report
Auto Tour Volunteers Needed
Thoughts From Benrie Hubbard
Budget Report

68 September 2009 (PDF file only)
Fall Conference Upcoming
UP Chapter News
Chair Report
Membership Report
Membership Pin Recipients
Budget Report
Offices & Teams

67 June 2009 (PDF file only)
40 year Members
Fall Conference Upcoming
EUP Citizen Advisory Council
UP Chapter News
Council V Report
Spring Conference Recap
Budget Report
MACD Forestlands Program

66 February 2009 (PDF file only)
New Officers
Spring Meeting Coming Up
Comments from the State Chair
Council V Report
Citizen Advisory Councils
Finanical Report
Gregory Award
Pin Recipients
MTU Forestry Club
Carbon Credits

65 December 2008 (PDF file only)
Forester of the Year (Deb Huff)
Young Forester of the Year (Tom Seablom)
Comments from the State Chair
Wrap Up in Rhyme Time
Budget Report
Fall Conference Quotes
UP Chapter News
LP Chapter New
MTU Chapter News

Mysteries of the Forest-Revealed!
Ray Miller New Forest Biomass Development Coordinator
Membership Report
Memorium-John Arend

64 August 2008 (PDF file only)
Upcoming Fall Conference
A Letter from the Editor
Chair's Corner
Energy from Woody Biomass
Budget Report
"BURN-UP" Website
UP Chapter News
LP Chapter News
2008 Membership Report
Lightning Strikes Again

63 Spring 2008 (PDF file only)
Comments from the State Chair
A Letter from the Editor
Looking For A Few Good Foresters
MSU Forestrry Club
CFE & CF Program
Council Update

62 Summer 2007 (PDF file only)
Comments from the State Chair
A Letter from the Editor
Updated State Position Statements
Michigan's Forestry Consultants Ad
MFA Viewpoint & News
LP Chapter fall meeting information
MSAF financial statement

61 Winter 2007 (PDF file only)
Comments from the incoming State Chair
A Letter from the Editor
Comments from the outgoing State Chair
SAF Council and shrinking membership
Position Statement on White-tailed Deer in Michigan
Position Statement on Non-industrial Private Forests
Report: UPSAF and MACD workshop on "New Technologies Related to Timber Harvesting"

60 Summer 2006 (PDF file only)
Comments from the State Chair
A Letter from the Editor
Spring Conference Report
MSAF Legislative Tour report
Viewpoints-The Next Generation

59 Spring 2006 (PDF file only)
Comments from the (new) State Chair
A Letter from the Editor
SAF Councilman's Corner
Oh Deer! A call for input on possible position statement
LP Chapter meeting highlights
Society News

58 Fall/Winter 2005 (PDF file only)
Message from the chair
Letter from the editor
FMAC meeting summary
Sale of MeadWestvaco timberlands
Smurfit-Stone to make permanent closures
Prentiss & Carlisle acquires Banzhaf & Company
More viewpoints on conservation easements on Commercial Forest
Consultant stars
Letter to the editor
MSAF news

57 Summer/Fall 2005 (PDF file only)
Challenges of deer management from an ecosystem perspective
Letter from the editor
News bytes
Forest health highlights
Conservation easements on Commercial Forest lands
Consultant stars
Budget report

56 Winter/Spring 2005 (PDF file only)
Message from the chair
Letter from the editor
Forest health highlights
Master Logger Certification
SAF Certified Forester program
Consultant stars
Budget report

55 Summer 2004 (PDF file only)
Message from the chair
Letter from the editor
Governor Granholm's forestry plan
Keweenaw land exchange
News bytes
Differences between foresters and surveyor
Balancing act
Consultant stars
New MSU program
Budget report

54 Winter 2004 (PDF file only)
Message from the chair
Letter from the editor
Society News
Lee James memorial
New MTU faculty-Robert Froese
Consultant stars
Policy update
News from MTU
Budget report

53 ??? Anyone have a copy?

52 Winter 2003 (PDF file only)
Messages from the chairs
Letter from the editor
New SAF Fellows
MSU's 100th anniversary
Barrington Moore Memorial Award-Kurt Pregitzer
SAF Award in Forest Science-Dave Reed
Temperate Forest Foundation teacher tours
4-H and forestry
Michigan Urban & Community Forestry Council
Right to Forest legislation
PPRC viewpoint . . .
Fall Conference 2002 review
Budget report

51 Summer 2002  (PDF file only)

Spring 2002 SAF Meeting on Public Land Management
SAF Council Report from John Kotar
New Report Says Forestry Research and Education at Risk
My Surroundings "The Office"
Forest Service Report Highlights Bureaucratic Gridlock
Field Notes . . .

50 Fall 2001  (PDF file only)

MSAF Fall 2001 Forest Health Meeting
May the Forest Be With Us
Mead Works With the Nature Conservancy
Aspen on the Ottawa - How Much Is Still Out There?
SAF Centennial - The National Forests of Michigan
Michigan Forests Forever Project
Two Bombs Found Outside MTU Forestry Buildings
Field Notes . . .

49 Winter 2000 (PDF file only)

MSAF Fall 2000 Forest Certification Conference
Remember, Celebrate, and Move On
100 Years and Still Growing
Forest Service Collaborates With Michigan Tech on Research
SAF Centennial:  Short History of Michigan's State Forests
Michigan Tree Farmers of the Year
Field Notes . . .
Dr. Burton Barnes (UM) Receives Schenk Award

48 Summer 2000 (PDF file only)

Young Forester of the Year - Dave Lemmien
Recent Developments Within SAF by Bill Rockwell
Upper Midwest Capstone Report
MSAF Fire Management Position Statement
Centennial Article:  Short History of Michigan Forestry Education by Mike Moore
Spring Meeting Report:  "Tools and Techniques for Forester" by Peter Grieves

47, Winter 2000, Selected Titles

MTU Student Chapter
SAF 2000 National Convention
A Message From the Chair, Bernie Hubbard
SAF Centennial-Michigan Forest Industry-Yesterday and Today
SAF Considers Revision of Forest Cover Types of the United States and Canada
Your Best Pictures Needed to Develop Michigan SAF Display
Internet Corner - GPS/GIS sites

46, Fall 1999, Selected Titles

MSAF Fall Meeting: "Ecosystem Management: A Canadian/Ontario Perspective"
Oral History With Putnam Robbins
An Electronic Crossroads for Ecosystem Management
SAF Centennial-Michigan Forest Industry History
Forest History:  Roscommon County Won't Tolerate Forest Management!
Upper Midwest Capstone Report Awards
Internet Corner:  pending / proposed Michigan legislation affecting DNR

45, Summer 1999, Selected Titles

SAF and Habitat for Humanity
Mike Moore Announces for Vice President
Message from the Mountain
A Message from the Chair – Bill O’Neill
One Hundred Years of Professional Forestry
50-year SAF Golden Awards, Bob Hakala & Jim Meteer
U.P. Chapter Meeting Updates
Spring Meeting Wrap Up – A Poem by Bill Botti
News From Mississippi Our Sister Society
Technology Tip - Internet Source of USGS Quads
Internet Corner - USFS Forest Insect & Disease Leaflets

44, Spring 1999, Selected Titles

State Spring Meeting
1999 National Convention in Portland, Oregon
Great Lakes Leadership Conference
Minnesota Habitat for Humanity
Obituary:  Harold Kollmeyer
Message From the Chair
MSAF Accomplishments the Last Four Years
MSAF Research Initiative
MSAF Sister Society News
U.P. Tree ID Website

43, Winter 1998, Selected Articles

Message From the Chair
SAF Great Lakes Leadership Conference
1997-1998 Capstone Awards
UP Chapter Field Day
Convention Articles
for Humanity Project
Forestry Roundtable
Internet Corner

42, Summer 1998, Selected Titles

SAF National Convention News
Forestry Assistance for Non-Industrial Private Landowners
MISAF Spring Meeting
Sister Societies, Michigan & Mississippi
Obituary: Lynn Sandberg
Rueben Griewe: 50-Year SAF Member
Researchers Analyze Public Response to National Forest Issues
SAF Council Report, February 1998
MSAF State Business Meeting Notes, February 1998

Number 41, Winter 1998, Selected Titles
The 1998 Convention in Traverse City
Executive Team Updates-Strategic Plan
Message From the Chair
1998 Executive Team Structure
SAF Council Member Report
Manistique Business Meeting Report
Science & Technology Team
U.P Chapter News
Mentoring Update
Emerging Issues

Number 40, Fall 1997, Selected Titles
MISAF Fall Meeting and Red Pine Workshop, by Gary Carr
Report From the Chair, by Karen Potter-Witter
U.P. Chapter Report, by Gary Carr
AuSable Forestry Education Area
MISAF Policy Workshop: July 18, 1997
Bill Cook New Extension Forester in Escanaba
Wanted: Yooper Sites (SAF Auto Tour)
Spring 1998 State SAF Meeting
Forester Awards
The 1998 Convention in Traverse City

Earlier Issues, Selected Titles
Michigan's Conservation Districts Successfully Provide Forestry Assistance, by Rick Lucas
Report of the Communication/Policy Team, by Ned Caveney
Future of Michigan Forestry-Vision and Action-1996 and Into The Future, by Peter Grieves

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