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Michigan SAF Awards & Officers Over the Years

Each year at the Fall Conference, the Michigan SAF takes the opportunity to recognize those individuals who have contributed to the profession of forestry and the state society.  The opportunity is always open to nominate a fellow Michigan SAF member for Forester of the Year, Young Forester of the Year, and Retired Forester of the Year.  

1. Forester of the Year; in recognition of service to professional forestry. Nominations must include the signatures of ten SAF members in good standing. Please include a brief biographical sketch.

2. Young Forester of the Year; in recognition of service to professional forestry and the state society by an individual age 35 or under. Please include a brief statement on why the candidate has been nominated.

3. Retired Forester of the Year; in recognition of service to professional forestry and the state society since retirement. Please include a brief statement on why the candidate has been nominated.

4. SAF Fellow; election and recognition of an SAF member that has provided exemplary service to the Society and to the profession of forestry. Instructions for Fellow nominations can be found on the national website by going through the "Members Only" section.

To nominate an individual, contact the MSAF Awards Chair (who's who page). There are many individuals deserving recognition for their contributions to the profession and the society.

In addition, each year the Michigan SAF has an opportunity to participate in National Awards and Recognitions. We can elect a Fellow and nominate foresters for a slate of awards.

The second table contains currently known history of who served in various service capacities. Any additions and/or corrections are welcome!


Award Recipients (can you help fill-in the blanks?)
of the Year
Young Forester
of the Year
Retired Forester
of the Year
Michigan Fellows Other Awards
2019       Larry Leefers? National Field Forester to Jeff Joseph
2018 Mike Smalligan Kayti Brinkman Don Howlett none National Field Forester to Rick Lucas
2017 none none none none National Field Forester to Steve Nelson
2016 Paul Drysdale? none none none  
2015 Joyce Angel Andy VanDyke Denny Renken none  
2014 none none none none
2013 Charlie Becker none none Ernie Houghton,
Don Howlett
2012 none none none none  
2011 Doug Lee none Deb Huff none  
2010 none Chad Fate none none National Field Forester to Shawn Hagan
2009 none Maria Janowiak none Bill Cook, Glenn Moll
2008 Deb Huff Tom Seablom none none
Georgia Peterson Todd Miller none none
Mike Castle none Roger Misiak none
Jerry Grossman Jason Stephens Don Dickmann Mac Smith
Quent McNichols Mike Elenz Glenn Moll none National Field Forester to Mark Bale
Bill Cook Georgia Peterson Mike Moore Glenn Mroz
Bob Heyd Lauri LaBumbard Bill Botti Bernie Hubbard, Marty Jurgensen Barrington Moore Award to Kurt Pregitzer
Forest Science Award to Dave Reed
Mark Sherman Dave Neumann Mac Smith Bill O'Neill
Bill Cook Dave Lemmien   Mike Lanasa Carl Schenk Award to Burton Barnes
      Karen Potter-Witter
      Bill Rockwell
Karen Potter-Witter Dean Francis   Dick Bolen
Bill Rockwell Sue Thiel   none
??? Brenda Miller   Denny Renken
Brad Homier Jerry Grossman   Bill Hasse
Bob DeVillez Howard Lindberg   Terry Read
Jim Okraszewski Anne Davy   none
Glenn Moll Laurie Marzolo   Ron Scott
Al Saberniak Chad Radka   John Arend, Ned Caveney, Eino Saino
Jim Bernier Mark Janke   John Bassett, Peter Grieves, Bob Lee, Jerry Thiede
Terry Read Jack Thomas   John Schultz
Wayne Mann Dick Bolen   Bernie Carr, Gus Erdmann
Richard Brewster Karin VanDyke   Jerry Rose, Joe Zylinski
1985 Jim Johnson, Jim Meteer, Mike Moore
1984 Dave Olson
1983 Gene Hesterberg
1979 G. Robinson Gregory


Service History to the Michigan SAF (can you help fill-in the blanks?)
Golden Members Newsletter Editor U.P. Chair L.P. Chair Secretary/Treasurer State Chair
2019   Tricia St. Pierre dissolved 2018 dissolved 2018 Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Brittany VanderWall
2018   Tricia St. Pierre Tara Bal Brett Kuipers Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Andy Van Dyke
2017   Tori Irving Tara Bal Mike Smalligan Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Andy Van Dyke
2016   Tori Irving Tara Bal Tricia St. Pierre Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Georgia Peterson
2015   Tori Irving Andy Van Dyke Jason Darling Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Georgia Peterson
2014   Tori Irving Andy Van Dyke Jason Darling Lisa Parker/Lee Mueller Bernie Hubbard
2013   Tori Irving Brock VanOss Lee Mueller Jason Darling / Jack Pilon Bernie Hubbard
2012   Tori Irving Terry Manty Chad Fate Jason Darling / Jack Pilon Joyce Angel-Ling
2011   Brenda Owen Terry Manty Doug Lee ???/Jack Pilon Joyce Angel-Ling
2010 Mike Moore, Marion True Brenda Owen Bill Hasse Pete Squibb Martha Sjogren / Jack Pilon Jack Penegor
2009 Leon Erbe, Gus Erdmann, Pete Grieves, Jim Johnson Brenda Owen Maria Janowiak Jason Stephens Martha Sjogren / Jack Pilon Larry Leefers
2008 Bob MacKinder, Fred Metzger, Ros Miller Brenda Owen Tom Seablom Jason Hartman Martha Sjogren / Jack Pilon Ernie Houghton
Dave Ridgway, Jonas Snyder Georgia Peterson Jack Penegor Georgia Peterson Martha Sjogren / Jack Pilon Doug Heym
None Georgia Peterson Chris Burnett Quent McNichols Jason Mittlestat / Jack Pilon Don Howlett
John Schultz, Joe Zylinski Georgia Peterson Jim Ferris Quent McNichols Jason Mittlestat / Jack Pilon Don Dickmann
Roy Gordon, Rod Rugg Georgia Peterson Dean Wilson Jerry Lambert Quent McNichols  / Jack Pilon Jerry Grossman

Dave Olson, Eino Saino

Georgia Peterson Quent McNichols  / Jack Pilon Deb Huff
Burt Barnes, Chuck Olson Georgia Peterson Quent McNichols  / Jack Pilon Bill Cook
John Bassett Eric Thompson Quent McNichols  / Jack Pilon Roger Misiak
Al Boelter, Bob Lee, Roger Rasmussen Eric Thompson   Quent McNichols  / Jack Pilon Bernie Hubbard
Bob Hakala,
Jim Meteer
Mike Johnson,
Melissa Halsted
Bill Cook Kathy Arnie Quent McNichols / ??? Bill O'Neill
None Shirley Frank,
Mike Johnson
Ken Salo Loren Ford Doug Heym / Shawn Hagan Mike Lanasa
George Divine,
Jim Halbach,
Lynn Sandberg,
Jim Lamy
Shirley Frank? Gary Carr Bill O'Neill Doug Heym / Shawn Hagan Karen Potter-Witter
Shirley Fowler?   Doug Heym / Shawn Hagan Howard Lindberg
Bob Leeson Doug DeKoster Roger Misiak Doug Heym / Jerry Grossman Bill Rockwell
Howard Lindberg Dick Arps Jerry Grossman Dick Bolen
Bob Reddy Denny Renken Laurie Marzolo Jerry Grossman Kurt Pregetzer
Jim Bernier Deb Huff Mark Janke Bob DeVillez Terry Read
Jim Bernier Brad Homier Gordon Terry Bob DeVillez Bernie Carr
Roy Skog Jim Bernier Dan Farnsworth Kurt Pregitzer Bob DeVillez Jerry Thiede
Don Zettle, Norman Smith Jim Bernier Gary Lyon Bob Cool John Schultz Bill Hasse
Jim Bernier Mike Lanasa Bob Reddy John Schultz Ned Caveney
Clarence Samuelson,
Jim Lee,
John Carow,
John Arend
Jim Bernier Dick Bolen Bob Reddy John Schultz Erm Venuto (resigned),
then Ned Caveney
Roland Blair,
Glen Allison
John Schultz Frank Voytas Mel Koelling John Schultz Wayne Mann
1985 Norm Smith Johann Bruhn Bruce Earl Ed Eckart Jerry Rose
1984 Norm Smith Bill Hasse Phil Sworden Ed Eckart Rich Sirken
1983 Norm Smith Art Abramason Wayne Mann Robin Bertsch then Linda Tatem Jim Meteer (resigned),
then Rich Sirken
1982 Norm Smith Jerry Divine Ned Caveney Robin Bertsch Jim Meteer
1981 Norm Smith Gordon Roy Allan Boelter Robin Bertsch Dave Olson
1980 Norm Smith Tom Kelley Jerry Rose Robin Bertsch Dave Olson




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