Michigan SAF Organization and Officers

The Michigan SAF has a set of state officers and teams where individuals serve for varying amounts of time. The chair-elect is voted upon annually and serves with the current chair. The immediate past-chair serves in an additional advisory capacity, as do many of the other past-chairs. There are two professional sub-chapters, one for the upper peninsula and another for the lower peninsula, and two student chapters, one at Michigan State University and another at Michigan Technological University. Looking for an SAF certified forester? Try the National Office website. Changes in SAF structure and personnel occur regularly. This page needs to be updated with more current information. Please send updates to Bill Cook at cookwi@msu.edu or 906-786-1575.

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State Officers and Teams
UP Chapter
LP Chapter
MSU Student Chapter
MTU Student Chapter
U of M Student Chapter
List of Past-Chairs


State Officers and Teams

2017/18 Chair: Andy VanDyke, andyvandyke@jmlongyear.com
2017/17 Vice-chair: Vacant
2015/16 Past Chair: 
Georgia Peterson, petersog@msu.edu

Secretary: Lisa Parker, ldvparker@icloud.com
Treasurer: Lee Mueller, muellerl@gmail.com
Policy Chair: Dave Silvieus, dmsilv80@outlook.com
Science/Technology: Vacant
Communications Chair: Bill Cook,cookwi@msu.edu     
Membership Coordinator: Amy Douglass, douglassa@michigan.gov   
Forestry Education Fund, Kayti Brinkman, kaytlyn@martellforestry.com  
Newsletter Editor: Tori Irving ,irvingt@michigan.gov or toriirving@gmail.com   
CFE Coordinator: Tara Bal, tlbal@mtu.edu
Awards Chair, Historian/Archivist: Craig Kasmer, kasmerc@michigan.gov   
Teller: Terry DeBlaay, tdeblaay@yahoo.com     

Treasurer & Finance Team

Treasurer: Lee Mueller, muellerl@gmail.com
Auditing: Glenn Moll,gfmoll@up.net

Membership Team & Services

Coordinator: Amy Douglass, douglassa@michigan.gov
Awards:  Craig Kasmer, kasmerc@michigan.gov

Science & Technology Team

Coordinator: Vacant,
CFE Coordinator (Continuing Forestry Education):
Tara Bal, tlbal@mtu.edu
LSSU Liaison: Bernie Hubbard?, forestmeister@sbcglobal.net
MSU Liaison: Vacant,  
MTU Liaison: Vacant,
MSAF Webmaster:
Bill Cook, cookwi@msu.edu
CIF Liaison:  Vacant,

Michigan Forester

Editor: Tori Irving, IrvingT@michigan.gov or toriirving@gmail.com
Editorial Board: vacancies

Upper Peninsula Chapter

2017 Chair: Tara Bal, tlbal@mtu.edu
Vice Chair/Membership Coordinator:  Amber Oja,

Lower Peninsula Chapter

2017 Chair:  Mike Smalligan,  smalliganm@michigan.gov
Vice Chair: Vacant,  

MSU Student Chapter

2017 Chair: Emily Caretti, carettie@msu.edu  
Vice President:  Andrew Bertels, bertelsa@msu.edu  
Secretary:  Clarissa Winters, winter80@msu.edu
Treasurer:  Hunter Stanke, stankehu@msu.edu
Maple Syrup Coordinator:  Alex Dennany, dennany5@msu.edu

Faculty Advisor:
Justin Kunkle, kunkleju@msu.edu

MTU Student Chapter

2014-2015 Chair: Lester Livermore III, lrliverm@mtu.edu
Vice-Chair:  Cody Flatt
Secretary/TreasurerKarin Wolken
Project Coordinator:  Amy Baumgartner
Merchandiser:  Peter Hoche
Junior Officers:  Joe Lazzan, Brian Martell
Faculty Advisor:  Terry Sharik, tlsharik@mtu.edu  


List of State Past-Chairs

2015 & 2016, Georgia Peterson, petersog@anr.msu.edu
2013 & 2014, Bernie Hubbard, forestmeister@sbcglobal.net
2011 & 2012, Joyce Angel, angelj1@michigan.gov
2010 Jack Penegor, forester@chartermi.net
2009 Larry Leefers, leefers@msu.edu   
2008 Ernie Houghton, houghtone@michigan.gov
2007 Doug Heym, heymd@michigan.gov
2006 Don Howlett, dhowlett@chartermi.net
2005 Don Dickmann,

Jerry Grossman, gfco@up.net
Deb Huff, huff.debra@gmail.com  
2002 Bill Cook, cookwi@msu.edu
2001 Roger Misiak, rcmisiak@core.com
2000 Bernie Hubbard, forestmeister@sbcglobal.net
1999 Bill O'Neill, oneillw@michigan.gov
1998 Mike Lanasa, deceased
1997 Karen Potter-Witter, karen@msu.edu
1996 Howard Lindberg,
1995 Bill Rockwell, rockwell@mich.com
1994 Dick Bolen, 906-663-4687
1993 Kurt Pregitzer, moved west
1992 Terry Read, 906-265-6585
1991 Bernie Carr, 906-487-2667, bwcarr@mtu.edu   

1990 Gerald Thiede, retired in Wisconsin
1989 Bill Hasse, retired in Iron Mountain, bhasse@chartermi.net   

1988 Ned Caveney, retired Michigan DNR
1987 Erm Venuto, retired Alabama

1986 Wayne Mann,
1985 Gerald Rose
1984 Rick Sirken

1983 James Meteer, deceased
1981 Dave Olson
     Michigan Chapter of the Wisconsin-Michigan Society

1980 Bill Banzhaf
Lynn Sandberg
1978 Lynn Sandberg
1977 Tom Rausch
1976 Tom Rausch
1975 John Carow
1974 John Carow
1973 John Carow
1972 Robert Petry
1971 Robert Petry
1970 Lee James
1969 Lee James
1968 A.E. Ehly
1967 A.E. Ehly
1966 C.A. Samuelson
1965 C.A. Samuelson
1964 B.M. Stout
1963  B.M. Stout
1962 Kenneth Davis
1961 Kenneth Davis
1960 Donald Mackie
1959 Donald Mackie
1958 Donald Zettle
1957 John Macon
1956 T.D. Stevens
1955 Dan Bulfer

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