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What is a consulting forester?  MSU Extension bulletin E-3188.


Quite a number of consulting foresters practice in Michigan. Consulting foresters are professional foresters who are self-employed or who work for a private consulting company providing forest resource management recommendations and assistance for a fee. While some consultants provide assistance in a wide variety of forestry activities and others are quite specialized, consulting foresters generally can provide a greater range and depth of services than foresters employed by public agencies. Information about consulting foresters providing timber harvesting or other forest management services in a particular area can be obtained on-line from a directory maintained by MSU Extension at [].  The Association of Consulting Foresters maintains a directory at [].  The Michigan Forest Association maintains a list of foresters at [].  A list of logging contractors serving a particular county can be obtained by contacting the Michigan Association of Timber through their webiste at [].

    Michigan Conservation Districts sometimes employ foresters or provide certain forestry services in cooperation with multiple districts. Districts provide a limited range of services with priorities set by local boards and grant requirements. Districts will refer commercial services to consulting foresters.    
    Several of the larger forest-based industries located in Michigan provide woodland owner management assistance through their industry foresters. Often this assistance is provided as part of their company responsibility of timber procurement and so is tied directly to a timber sale. These foresters generally offer their services at no cost.    
    Forest owners can also join the Michigan Forest Association, which is a group of several hundred people interested in promoting good forestry across Michigan. Many foresters are members of the MFA. Forest owner education and networking is one of the many benefits of belonging to a group such as the MFA. You can learn more about the non-profit organization at [].    


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