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A Day In the Life of A Forester
A Sampling of Real Michigan Foresters and the Wide Diversity of Career Paths


Peter Grieves
Forest Policy Lobbyist

A Professional Forester has many roles. Interested governmental leaders, citizens, and friends will ask you many questions; What is Forestry? Are our forests healthy? Are we running out of trees? Why should we use trees? What is the best science for the use wood and our forested environment? Are the uses of our forests sustainable? Should forestry practices on private forests be regulated?

A Forester Lobbyist has opinions on these, and increasingly complex inquiries, from governmental and media leaders. You are the "on the scene expert and advocate". You must understand the current and desired future conditions of our forests and related scientific advances. A successful lobbyist and considers many conflicting forest uses.

A Forester Lobbyist works on the formation of forest policy with members and staffs of local, State, and Federal governmental leaders. Much work is done with coalitions. You are expected to have recommendations for new laws and policies affecting forests. You present the best thoughts of your employer or organization.

As a life long student of professional forestry, you become a valued partner in developing wise-use forest resource policies.

As a forestry student, you will be asked to join a student chapter of the Society of American Foresters. This is an excellent introduction to non-profit associations and many related career opportunities.

There are hundreds of private and public sector staff and executive positions for forestry lobbyists at the local and federal level of government.



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